It was my outfit from two days ago. First I had an interview with the famous writer, Mimiko and then in the evening went to an event with Stylist, Enzo Lin. I bought this orange bag in Taipei. Isn't it so cute? Just so perfect with my Sneakers.

這是兩天前的穿搭,首先是和米果的採訪;接著是和 Enzo Lin 一起出席一場派對。這個橘色包包在台北購入,是不是和我的鞋子很合配呢?

和名模張珈瑜合照。 A photo with famous model, Chia Yu Chang.

你也認出殷琦了嗎? Do you see where is Model Yin Chi?

What I wore,

Blazer : H&M

Shirt  : H&M

Pants : Zara

Shoes : Deichmann

Bag : No name

Bracelets : H&M, Mango

Rings : H&M, Topshop