AIGNER Genesis


Since the first time when I stepped into the headquarters of AIGNER, until the backstage preparation and a short moment before the runway show started; now it is time to begin the show. Put aside the historical evolution or the design quality, I appreciate how the team worked. Then, let us start the show.


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3 Ways To Make You Happier Than Now


Aigner Gold Hand Bag | MUCstyle Blog by Fanning Tseng-8

Many of you write private messages to me and ask that if I am 100% happy with my life. No dump? Life issues come and go. I, of course, feel both emotions in my life. However, when I am getting older, what I have learned is nothing but only good news. My status on the social media does not present my whole life. The truth is, sometimes I cry, I feel sad and helpless. I realize that it is important to find a right way to cheer up and feel positive again. If you sit a all day in the toilet, you might think the world is stinky. Three ways to share with you which make you feel happier than now.


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A Casual Suit


Munich Gentleman In A Green Suit | MUCstyle Blog by Fanning Tseng-2

It is not difficult to meet a handsome boy in any city. The strawberries can not always be sour. However, it is not easy to meet a stylish men.


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A Moment Before The Show Of Aigner


Aigner Milan Fashion Week AW15-16| MUCstyle Blog by Fanning Tseng-12

(R.) AIGNER CEO, Sibylle Schön (M.) Head Designer, Christian Beck

While the connoisseur recognizes the artistry, the layman simply enjoys the show. It is not bad just to enjoy a great show. However, if you know the literary quotation behind the happening, it makes more fun. As an insider of AIGNER, I have followed the team to go to Milan; I realized the principle and understood how a runway show created. This article will definitely satisfied you to know more about the world of Fashion.


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What Beauty Tips We Can Learn From AIGNER AW15/16 Backstage


Aigner Milan Fashion Week AW15-16| MUCstyle Blog by Fanning Tseng-17

It does not matter in which city of the world, the topics and trends about Fashion weeks are just discussed heatedly among people who work in the fashion industry. At best, the scenes reports at the backstage satisfied us to take a peep into the beautiful models. However, I have realized that there are many details from backstage that we can apply to our life esthetics. Next, I will share with you what I saw from AIGNER AW 15/16 backstage that are useful to everybody, you and me.

What Beauty Tips We Can Learn From AIGNER AW15/16 Backstage?

時裝週不管舉辦在哪座城市,網路媒體上看似火熱的話題與趨勢,其實只在時尚圈人士中發酵擴散。充其量,準備後台的花絮報導滿足了民眾窺伺時尚圈與模特的另一面。不過我現在有另種體悟,其實很多細節可以應用在生活美學中。接下來,藉由AIGNER 15/16年秋冬後台的報導,與你分享我所觀察到的不同觀點,是你我絕對都受用的。

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